EQUUS Foundation Guardian Status


AGES is honored to be recognized as an EQUUS Foundation 2019 Guardian. The purpose is to encourage equine organizations to be transparent and accountable to the public through the disclosure of their equine care and use practices and to reward equine organizations that are operating at the highest standards for horse care and use. This designation also makes us eligible to receive financial support in 2019 from the EQUUS Foundation. Many thanks to the EQUUS Foundation for its support of America's horses!

Aubrey Adopted!


Congratulations to April and Jamie Fabbri on their adoption of Aubrey! April has been a long-time volunteer, friend and adopter (Takoda/Tate) and has since moved out of the area but has been watching Aubrey since she came and now it's official!

The Fabbris are also welcoming Rosie to their Bad Medicine Rescue Ranch! Our volunteer and friend Laurie Jean Kaiser has been Rosie's momma since her AGES adoption, but as those who know Laurie are aware, her life has changed dramatically in the recent past and she reached out to April, who happily agreed to make a home for Rosie too. Laurie has written a note that can be read here: https://tinyurl.com/y329hved

We wish all of them the VERY best and look forward to seeing lots of pictures and videos!

Suzie Adopted!

60639495_2324817507577498_5268538164691075072_n (1).jpg

The Sexton family that originally adopted Saber have decided to adopt Suzie instead. It turns out Saber has some serious health issues with his front feet that will require extensive and expensive therapy to get him better and hopefully one day sound. This is daughter Maddie on Suzie! Suzie is a perfect family horse for any level rider! Suzie will now be joining Ranger at Pinewood in Cedarburg by June 1st. Congratulations!!!

Horse Care Camp!

Thank you to the Garton Foundation for funding our first ever Kid's Camp!🎉🐴 This camp is geared toward children who do not have a lot of experience handling and caring for horses and should be prepared to get their hands (and feet) dirty! (please note: this is not a riding camp, but rather a "caring for horses and their home" camp).
Send any questions to: helpahorseatages@gmail.com
Sign up by clicking on the following link: