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Neglect: What Do You Do?!

If you see an animal being actively abused (beaten, locked in a hot car, etc) CALL THE POLICE!
If you are seeing ongoing neglect which is not immediately dangerous, do the following:

  • Resolve to do something
    • Make it your problem
    • Don’t get angry, get information
  • Reach out
    • Talk to the owners
    • Build trust so you can inquire about the animal(s) in question
    • It might not be active neglect
      • The owner might just not be aware of the neglect or may be ignorant on how to care for animals
  • Known when NOT to help
    • Do not put yourself in danger
    • Keep your friends/family informed and/or have someone come with you
    • Do not handle sick or aggressive animals
    • Do not become an enabler for the owner
  • Work with authorities to help
    • Be persistent
    • Give them a lot of information & proof (if possible)
    • Report other illegal activity happening on the property (when applies)
    • If the police aren’t helping, work with Humane Societies & Rescues
      • NOTE: we do NOT have any legal authority to remove neglected animals from their owners without them being surrendered to us.
  • If all else fails, get the media on it
    • Talk to your local news
    • Post about it on Social Media websites
    • Get the community involved
    • State only FACTS so that you don’t get accused of libel/slander
  • Lastly, know the law