Rescues Zaria and Luna. Scroll down to News for more info.

A safe haven for horses in need.

A little bit about us

Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary, Inc., is a horse rescue and adoption facility in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, founded in 2008. We are a 501 (c) (3) organization, so donations qualify as tax deductions. Our sole purpose is to offer a safe haven for unwanted, abused or neglected horses: shelter, nutrition, vet and farrier care, and most importantly - unconditional love and attention. Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary provides services to surrendered horses regardless of the previous owners' circumstances.

Our facility is dedicated to the rehabilitation of these magnificent animals, when possible, to their fullest physical and mental potential. Our goal, once overall health, well-being and soundness of a horse is accomplished, is to assess them for possible placement and adoption to a qualified owner.



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  • 3 Saved from Slaughter

    AGES recently purchased three slaughter-bound mares at auctions, one from NJ and two in WI. Amber, the NJ girl, is in quarantine but will be arriving at AGES in a few weeks. The other two girls are at AGES, enjoying their narrow escape from a horrible fate. Want to help with their expenses? Donations are most welcome!

  • More Happy Adoptions!

    Our two curlies, Emerson and Hope, will be heading home together soon. This follows the recent adoption of Rebel, now in her forever home. And it looks like Etsy will also be on her way soon as well. Thank you to those who are willing to give our horses a chance at having a happy ever after!

  • Two Neglected Mares Rescued!

    Sadly, the neglect cases keep surfacing. We discovered two mares who had been on their own for years, poorly fed, no vet or farrier,  full of burrs. With many people helping, we were able to get one Zaria home to AGES, and a week later, on Feb. 28, we were able to get the other, Luna, onto a trailer and safe at AGES. Click on "Donate Now" to help us keep helping them.