We're Having a Baby!


Anise, our newly pulled save from Oklahoma, has been confirmed in foal today! She may have up to 8 weeks to go.....(maybe). Vet could not get an exact read on her term dates as even in stocks she could not be restrained enough for her ultrasound....do I know how to pick them or what???? Feisty Irish women....!!

We are still way behind on her fundraiser. Of the $2500 needed to QT here there in OK, pay vetting, transport and with prayers a healthy birth...we still need a good $1500 in our foal account!

Many of you have been very generous. Please consider this a baby shower of sorts?? This foal’s needs are just beginning! 

Please donate:

  • $10 to choose her delivery date

  • $25 for 2 date choices

  • $50 for 5 date choices

Winner gets naming rights for the foal!!!! What say you??????

Please use "friends and family" on Paypal rescue.horses@yahoo.com.

You village.......are our people. We are THE people that are making a difference! One mama and foal at a time.

Send me your donations and dates now from today through April 25th, 2019!!