Today is a very sad day for us as we say goodbye to Zip.

Since last mid-winter, Zip's arthritis has drastically advanced, leaving his hind end near crippled and forcing him to deal with near-constant pain. None of the numerous medications nor treatments he's received have provided him with any long-term relief. We feel that now the best thing we can do for him is release him from his suffering, with dignity, before the day comes he is unable to get up and experiences the panic and trauma that can come with having to make these decisions "on a moment's notice" and before the crisp air and slippery grounds of fall arrive and increase his discomfort further.

He has had a wonderful time of late, with our volunteers and staff spoiling him and loving on him as all have said their goodbyes, and though it's so hard to do, we know in the end he will finally feel relief from his suffering.

Run free, Zip . . .