Saber is Safe - But Not Out of the Woods

After returning from the border on the slaughter truck, Saber is SAFE! He is finally at QT with the other 2 we pulled last week. Steve and Toni Kroll are very well versed in doctoring and caring for kill lot pulls with some 500 head of experience. Saber is getting cleaned up, receiving a Tetanus shot...pain meds etc. They will update us as soon as they get him settled. There is a vet standing by if needed. He's a mess for least he won't die at slaughter thanks to all of you out there that helped save his life! You are all warriors and angels!

UPDATE: Saber is now on his way to an equine hospital. His cut extends from around his right front knee...around the back...up to his armpit and around to his breast. There is is possibly 3-4" deep and infected. He is no where near out of the we're keeping the #vigilforsabre.

Please donate if you can to help us save his life.