Farewell to Etsy


On the beautiful, frosty morning of Oct. 13, we said goodbye to our dear Etsy. Unfortunately her health had continued to deteriorate this year, along with her bouts of colic, disinterest in food at times and overall general decrease in her quality of life. We had tried every mash known to mankind! She had been telling us that she was tired. This was so very hard on us all...as she was, of course, our matriarch, with the torch being handed down from our beloved Miss U. She was showered with extra love from all of us in the recent weeks and will always have a special place in our hearts.

She had been with us since February of 2014, arriving at a mere 680 pounds, weak with future-uncertain, but her last 4-1/2 years here have been wonderful for all of us. Eternal peace is finally hers this afternoon. We love you, Etsy♥ . . . Thank you to all who have taken pictures that were included in this video. There is no shortage of pictures of her!

Music: "Run for the Roses," by Dan Fogelberg www.rescuehorses.org