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Hay Angels

Just a few moments after putting our last round bale in one of the feeders.....God sent us angels!! We are so deeply touched by the kindness and generosity of the Wilson family of Mayville for donating 50 (yes more than I've ever seen on a trailer!) large bales of fantastic right off the field large squares!! We're talking $3000 donation there folks! We continue to be blessed beyond measure and it never ceases to amaze John and I ! 

Also huge thank you to Nick & Tanya Moths from Lone Star Farm of Kiel, Wisconsin for stepping up to go pick up and haul this load from Mayville off the field!!! Please let these angels know how much we so appreciate their love of horses and giving spirit!!!!

Transport Found!

HUGE SHOUT OUT to Tanya Schickowski and Nicholas Moths from Lonestar Farm for generously offering to pickup the donated hay from Mayville and deliver to us here in Elkhart Lake. A semi load of large freshly cut bales of hay!! We are humbled by their generosity and invite you all to also extend a group hug to these amazing people!!!

Hay Donation - Need Transport!

Hello AGES followers!! We are in need of a semi-flatbed trailer (and driver) which we could pay for gas/time to pick up a load of large round bales in Mayville Wisconsin!

This is donated - just cut large rounds which generally around 24-28 can fit on a load? Does anyone have any connections to anyone that would be willing to help us? We would need it later this week to drop in his field where he would stack and then driver would deliver to Elkhart Lake..... please help us brainstorm to get this done!!

We are almost completely out of hay and all this hay would be donated!!!!