Giving Tuesday is November 27th. Are you Ready?

November 27th is #GIVINGTUESDAY! We would be so appreciative of any donations, large or small. Maybe in your adopted horse's name, in gratitude for your adoption experience, or to help us #BringSaberHome!!! The earlier, the better, as Facebook and Paypal are doing matching donations until their allotted funds run out so please give early on Tuesday!!!! More info below . . . and there will be an "official" fundraiser post early tomorrow (Tuesday) morning . . .

Facebook and PayPal will start matching donations at 8:00am ET, 7:00am Central, 5:00am PT on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. The matching offer will expire when $7 million in donations is reached or at 11:59pm PT on November 27. Donations will be matched dollar for dollar on a first-come, first-served basis.
Matching is available for any eligible US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that can receive donations on Facebook. **THAT'S US!!!** Donations up to $250k per nonprofit and $20k per donor are eligible to be matched!

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Saber is Safe - But Not Out of the Woods

After returning from the border on the slaughter truck, Saber is SAFE! He is finally at QT with the other 2 we pulled last week. Steve and Toni Kroll are very well versed in doctoring and caring for kill lot pulls with some 500 head of experience. Saber is getting cleaned up, receiving a Tetanus shot...pain meds etc. They will update us as soon as they get him settled. There is a vet standing by if needed. He's a mess for least he won't die at slaughter thanks to all of you out there that helped save his life! You are all warriors and angels!

UPDATE: Saber is now on his way to an equine hospital. His cut extends from around his right front knee...around the back...up to his armpit and around to his breast. There is is possibly 3-4" deep and infected. He is no where near out of the we're keeping the #vigilforsabre.

Please donate if you can to help us save his life.

Help Us Help Blitz

Hello to all you guardian angels tonite... as our prior”save” was too late to save the life of beautiful Saber, we are transferring this funds to “Blitz”. They have confirmed that he is still at the lot! If anyone wants their donation for Saber returned to them, please pm me and I will be happy to so! Bless you all! 🙏🙏


Pray for Saber

🙏AGES ANGELS this poor boy needs our prayers now more than ever!! Despite our having paid this sweet boys bail the folks at the kill lot put him on a truck headed south. 
We are now working with contacts in Oklahoma to see if we can somehow get him back. 
Please pray for his safe return, we are absolutely heartbroken and will do all we can to get him back 💔 We are beyond outraged that this has happened, despite networkers efforts and our promise they, loaded him up. Please help us and please #prayforsaber


Oklahoma Mare Pulled

AGES has stepped up to help this mare in trouble in Oklahoma. I need help from ALL of you to save her life and possibly her foal (when confirmed). C'mon's time! This is Aubrey. Her life needs saving! is our paypal. Or you can use your credit card also at the paypal address. Or mail your donation to: AGES W4985 County Road FF Elkhart Lake, WI 53020 It's giving time!!


Congratulations Erin on Your Athena Award Nomination!

Athena Award.jpg

Congratulations again to Erin on her nomination for the 2018 Athena Leadership Award! Erin was honored today with fellow nominees at a special luncheon at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan and had husband Johnand some friends from AGES along to celebrate with!

The ATHENA Leadership Award celebrates exemplary leadership and fulfills ATHENA International's mission to support, develop and honor women leaders, inspire women to achieve their full potential, and create balance in leadership worldwide. The award honors individuals who strive toward the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, excel in their chosen field, devote time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and forge paths of leadership for other women to follow.

Erin does all those things and more daily at AGES and we are all so very proud of her!!!