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What Does a Horse Cost?

Here are some things that we need often. They may be helpful in helping you decide how much your donation should be:

-Bedding - $5.00/bag

-Nutrena Senior Feed - $20/bag

-Quest and Quest Plus Wormers - $10-$15 each

-Panacur and Safeguard Wormers - $10-$15 each

-Smart Pak Resilience III - $50/month

-Fly/Barn Sprays - $10-$20

-Strong Wheelbarrows - $75 and up

-Fly Masks - $25

-Farrier Visit - $30/horse

-Chiropractic Visit - $90/horse

We hope you will decide to join us in our process by making a contribution to AGES so that we may help as many horses out there that need us as we possibly can. If you can help with in-kind donations, or items on our wish list, please contact us.

Or, use the form below to create a monthly sponsorship to cover these items for a specific horse or all of them.

Click the dropdown box to select an amount:

Enter Horse Name/Other Reason

Community Service hours/Dads/Teens w/time on your hands!

We're always looking for firewood cutting, log-splitting, fence mending, tree removal, and building repair services. Your skills and labor will be tremendously helpful in maintaining a safe and secure environment for both horses and volunteer staff. Contact Tina: for more information!


We need you! Can you help us take care of our horses? Let’s talk! Training provided.

A.G.E.S. is looking for ongoing volunteers to commit their time to assist with the horses. Extra sets of hands are always needed. If you have an hour a week, or an hour a month, you can be helpful.
Here are some of the things you may be be asked to do:

  • Brushing and grooming

  • Desensitizing

  • Socializing (giving them attention to make them feel more comfortable in their new environment)

  • Fly Spraying

  • Of course, don’t forget about mucking!

    An orientation session usually takes place on the second Saturday of every month, weather permitting. Pre-registration is required for orientation, as space is limited. 

    Volunteers cannot begin prior to orientation.

    Children under the age of 14 must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian, and must be working side by side with them.

    Minors between the age of 14 and 17 must be under the supervision of an adult. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that a minor is not dropped off without confirmation in advance that an adult volunteer is available to supervise your child

    Our Volunteer Coordinator is Tina. Please E-mail her at for more information about volunteering or to pre-register for an orientation event (required). If email link does not work for you, please copy it and paste into your browser window.


Other Ways to Help

Gift Cards are always helpful!

Gift Cards are always helpful!