Midwest Rescue Horse Trainer's Challenge

Save the Date!  Wisconsin Horse Alliance is proud to host its 1st Annual “Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge”.  This exciting event will feature up to 20 horses (of all ages and breeds) from equine rescues across the state of Wisconsin, and 20 trainers who have been invited and hand-selected for this unique opportunity.  Each trainer and their horse will have 90 days to train and prepare for the final competition, which will consist of classes in-hand, walk/trot/canter under saddle, trail, and freestyle.

Potential adopters with a pre-approved adoption application may bid on the horses available for adoption, with the highest bid winning.

For more information on the event, please visit: 




Rudy was a criminal case from Shawano county, brought to our attention in August of 2013. A retired breeder who had already surrendered 60 plus horses to authorities in February (all shipped to slaughter), discovered Rudy on August 16. He had somehow been left behind on the 300+ acre farm. Somehow he had survived on his own. When the breeder discovered him, he immediately contacted authorities and threatened to shoot him if they didn’t remove him immediately. Shawano Cty contacted AGES, and thus began one of the most dramatic rescues we have ever been involved in. Rudy was barely a body score of 1, and was standing inside a dilapidated barn in muck up to his knees, which is probably what kept him upright. He was terrified of people, but somehow AGES managed to get him on the trailer, where he promptly collapsed. To this day, it is a miracle he survived, as AGES was still in its early years and ill-prepared to care for a horse with such severe health issues.



Juna came to Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary in January 2017 as a rescue from a hoarding seizure  of over 600 animals on the East Coast. Juna is a 10-year-old dark bay/black quarter horse mare, partially blind, standing about 14.1hh. Her training level unknown, but we know she was saddled shortly before she came to AGES. She does exhibit some physical abuse behaviors when being handled and touched. Juna needs much desensitizing work and gentle hands. She is kind but leary. She would love her very own person to learn to trust and bond with for life. Juna is middle to low in pecking order in a herd of mares. She has some vision loss in one eye, however we have not seen it affect her moving around here at all. With a bond to her forever person, she will blossom into an amazing companion. She deserves a wonderful life!



Sadie came to us as an owner surrender very recently – a Christmas present purchased in September 2017 by parents that did not understand the true expense and depth of care a horse needs. Sadie was 3 on May 31. She is a registered AQHA and has a brand on her front left shoulder. She is compact and delicate with a beautiful head and movement. AGES is her 4th home since she was born, so she is naturally slow to trust and a little head shy. We love her for this challenge as she is a blank slate with her whole life ahead of her to go in any direction.