8th Annual Hope for Hooves

Love is a 4-Legged Word
There once was a young girl I knew who struggled so hard trying to just survive another day of sadness, depression and hatred of her father and life in general. She would often climb out her bedroom window and sit on the roof, just to escape to another place in her head….and try to block out the violence seeping up from the rooms below. Had she known enough about suicide at her tender age, I know she would have welcomed it.
One day her friend invited her to a horse ranch just a couple miles away. That girl’s heart experienced love for the first time in her life in the breath and touch of the horse. She would spend the next 7 years of her life at that stable absorbing a brave new world with every hour she possibly could!
Her life saw tremendous struggle, strife and challenges, but the presence of horses were forever a staple and stronghold that fed her soul and saved her life.
That girl is now in her late 50’s. She found her calling in doing what she’s always done best ~ loving, mothering and caring for horses who either never had received it before…..or had it and lost it somewhere through no fault of their own.
That girl is me and I created Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary first in my head, then on paper and finally launched it on the internet in 2008. My desire to “pay back” horses for saving my life had become the driving force for me to save theirs! What does it take to operate, facilitate and stay financially afloat with a horse rescue? About 108 months of twice daily feedings (3,285). Poop removal (almost) daily from 8 paddocks (625 spreader loads in 8 years, and some $130,000 in hay approximately? Expenses I could have never imagined one would need. Diseases and disorders I had never encountered before in my life. Intense highs when that special someone came along and a love connection with a rescue became the beginning of a new life for that horse! The deepest darkest place of a soul in grief when a horse’s condition was just too severely deteriorated and, despite all the tears, encouragement and hospital expenses, we had to finally let them go. The work and joy and pain is never done, doesn’t take a holiday, is ever changing and evolving with never a dull moment!
The staff and hundreds of volunteers here at AGES work tirelessly to ease the hurt and pain of each and every horse they welcome. Sometimes it feels like a "MASH" episode as people come to the rescue of a new life in need before us. We love it, we hate it. It drains us all at one point or another and every loss takes with it a piece of each of our hearts. We never stop. Stopping is not an option. Helping more horses in need - our only vision.
In 8 years we have loved and cared for 144 horses and permanently homed 123 to date. Where would they have ended up if we were not here?
In a month we will be hosting our 8th Annual Hope For Hooves Open House and Fundraiser here at AGES. We are asking for you to show your love by giving deep financially to not only keep us alive – but to help us thrive! The auction is the major source of income from this event. We ask you to consider supporting the event as a sponsor ($250 or more) or by making a donation to our silent auction. All donations received by August 10 will be highlighted at the event, and on our website at www.rescuehorses.org. To arrange a donation or sponsorship, e-mail agesrescue@gmail.com or call 262-627-0582.
AGES has many buildings in need of repairs that we’ve yet been able to afford to get done. Damaged roofs, buildings without electricity and lights. Water damage to walls and structures. Extensive plumbing work and the list goes on. We need serious help to ensure our 155-year-old structures remain sound for their continued need here. We need a “real” office structure to run our business efficiently! Just getting by and staying afloat…by a thin string each year is a precarious place to be.
This late 50’s gal has only 1 dream left unsettled, to know that the security of this rescue will continue and thrive when she’s gone. It is never far from my mind…….and I desperately need all of you to make it a certainty!
Please share our event flyer with everyone! Please spread the word about our mission and service to horses we have received from all over the U.S.! Please come to our fundraiser and bring a carload of your friends and family and shop till you drop!! Please know our expenses are way farther-reaching than just hay and feed and veterinary. In every corner of our compound are examples of expenses we constantly need. Please know we need you to guarantee the future of this facility!! We are doing all we possibly can but a strong financial foundation and plan for tomorrow is ESSENTIAL.
Do it for the horses slowly dying from neglect all over our neighborhoods. Help us so we can house them properly and say “yes” when that call comes! That call comes way too often and the sad reply is sometimes, “I’m sorry, we just don’t have the room."
Please join us in being a part of the solution to thousands of unwanted horses in the United States!
We hope to see you all soon. Come hear the stories of our horses!! August 26th, 2017, at the Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary, W4985 County Rd. FF (just west of Hwy. 57). 11am to 5pm!