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2014 Adoptions!

Abby’s work under saddle, July 2014

Spring trail ride, Published in May, 2013

Published on Feb 13, 2013

Abby is an always healthy -never been lame- chestnut mare standing 14hh. Her breed includes a cross of sturdy and powerful Morgan/Quarter and Arabian. She exudes only the best qualities from each! She is very well versed going western pleasure and offers no buck/rear to her riders.

While she needs more time and experience in the saddle and on the trails….she is becoming one of our most reliable mounts. With a confident rider/handler and an experienced buddy at her side, she will be an excellent trailhorse for any youth or smaller adult.

Abby is smart, sensitive and longing for a forever human to love and bond with. She has been searching so very long…she is bottom of pecking order…passive, shy and sometimes insecure.

Abby’s perfect new owner will understand and accept that Abby will need time to adjust to her new surroundings, people and barnmates. Abby will blossom in a more private setting with not too many other horses…She would likely not do well in a boarding facility.

Abby is an extremely easy keeper…hay only, and will steal your heart if you aren’t careful!

Abby is coming 12 this year. Since she does still have issues with trailering, AGES will transport for no fee within a 250-mile radius for delivery.

Published on Feb 9, 2013

Check out our snow ride today!!

Ms. Abby was wunnnnnderful, ridden by both Rachel and Riana; Cyndi was on Lady, who was exceptional and enjoying it; Lois was on Skye, who was having a blast trotting and cantering through the snow (of course you’ll just have to take our word for it on this :)))


Hot Shot and Rio— Hot Shot was adopted (and renamed Peanut) but Rio is still available

Published on Dec 8, 2012

McGraw is a 15.3hh grey Tennessee Walker cross about 8/9 years old. He had some round pen training years ago…knows the basics…but needs time, work, trust, and bonding with just the right patient, kind and experienced caregiver. He is very sensitive…loves and desires physical contact..and has some security issues. Needs a confident, reliable and dependable partner to show him how consistency and persistence can overcome uncertainty, shyness and fear. He is a big baby in need of guidance and boundaries. He is gentle on the ground and with most of his handling. He really would benefit from daily interaction and love. He will make someone an outstanding riding partner. McGraw is extremely handsome…sweet….tries to please but isn’t really sure how to do that. Once bonded…you will have his complete attention, focus and trust~ A real sweetpea.