The April Fund

A horse named April was surrendered to us in April. When she came, after several hours with her head sticking out of the trailer, her eyes seemed “frozen.” They remained as such for several weeks, and she remained standing in the back corner of her shelter…never moving..except when she had to for water or food, very frightened. We were at a loss for exactly how to help her adjust. Our vet checked her out and did discover some visual damage to her lenses. Could it have been from her trip to AGES when her head had been stuck for several hundred miles? Very possibly indeed, according to the doc.

Word got out about April’s misfortune, and a soft-hearted woman named Peggy Brennan of Sheboygan decided she was going to create a fundraiser for April’s eyes, so that April would be able to have her eyes examined and possibly healed by a professional equine eye specialist. (April and Peggy are pictured here.) Peggy, having fallen madly and deeply in love with April and the cause, raised a lot of money and we were able to send April to Wisconsin Equine Clinic in Oconomowoc for a thorough eye exam. April’s exam concluded that her damage was most likely age-related senile degenerative disease, which cannot be undone or changed. She also has cataracts on both eyes.

She likely can see about 30% in one and maybe 45% in the other. AGES was left with the decision of do we try to still adopt her to a home that will be able to care for her now and later if she continues to lose the rest of her sight…or do we make her a permanent resident to someday join the blind horse paddock? It was important that if we do place her, we have to do it now, so she is able to accept, get to know her new people and pasture mate, and become comfortable with—yet again—new sights and surroundings. We had a pro-pective adopter who had fallen for April, and we took our time assessing the match. In the end, we feel we made a very good decision allowing April to join Cahill, another paint, at the farm of a couple who who run a wildlife rescue about 30 miles away.

Thanks to Peggy and the Brennan’s on Michigan fundraiser, we have established The April Fund with the remaining funds, which are used solely for out-of-the-norm and/or emergency medical needs. So far, the Fund has helped with Luna’s dental surgery which has relieved her years of suffering from an infected jaw. The Fund balance is earmarked for those needs only. Donations are welcome as we know there will always be another need down the road. Thank you very much!

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