Letters We Love

Riana’s Letter

(A letter from one of our most devoted volunteers)

Riana and Ringo1I want to thank you for sharing your “horsey experience’ with me! You don’t know How much it means to me to have that second “second home” where I can learn, have fun and share my equine love.  It has always been a dream to have that perfect stable that I can work at. I know that you may not always see AGES as a perfect stable, but in my eyes and many others, it is! You have taught me, and so many other people, so much about horses and the love we must have for them.

Always choose AGES over all other stables, because there is more than just horses, there is friendship, love and so much more than I can explain…

In one of my speeches, I said:

“All around the world, horse cruelty is becoming an issue. Abuse, neglect and other negative actions kill, harm or put mentally “Breakdown” horses.  Some are sent to slaughter houses across the borders due to their age (some only a few years) and others due to  finances. AGES helps to rescue these innocent animals, and I NEVER regret working and spending my weekends to help the horses”.

In another I said:

“ I don’t think that I can ever stop volunteering at AGES because I’ll miss Erin and the horses way to much. They are family, and I’d do anything to make sure that AGES never closes”.

In these “tid-bits” of my speeches, I think you can realize how much AGES means to me. The Experience you have shared with me, it just means so much with me… so thank you.

Riana Rose

Here is a lovely essay by one of our young, and very valued, volunteers, Julia:

It was one chilly but sunny Sunday afternoon as I arrived at Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary (AGES). It was the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. Instead of the picnic that we usually have with my mom and her sisters we decided to go to a horse rescue because of how much my grandpa loved those beautiful creatures. I thought that we would just grab some carrots and be with some horses just like a regular horse rescue. But this would soon turn into a memory I would never forget.
As we rolled up the driveway we saw a little white house with a balcony looking over the 3 different barns. 1 was bright red up a tiny hill. 1 was crowded with saddles, bridles, and different tools for gardening, woodworking and much more. The last one had a door that led into whatever was inside. It was a strange place but as soon as I stepped out of the car, onto the gravel driveway and into the grass it felt like home. I took a look around. It was beautiful. I slowly looked from the left to right. The green and dark grass from the November weather, the wood fences, the beautiful blue sky, and the sun that shined on each and every beautiful creature that stood in each paddock. Then I saw her. A beautiful brown horse with a dark brown mane. All of a sudden I felt questions arising about this particular horse. “How many hands is she? Where did she come from? How old is she?” But really I just wanted to find out her name. “What’s her name? I need to find out her name.” She was a mystery that I needed to solve. “Yes. She is my mystery horse.” She was amazing. I was about to take a step towards her as a face jumped in front of me. She was a woman about in her 50’s and short.  “Hi there! My name is Lori. You must be visitors. Let me show you around.” We walked down a little hill and into the main barn. The barn that didn’t show what was inside before. As we walked I saw stalls and a bunch of aluminum garbage cans. “Must be filled with different grains.” I thought. When the lady was finally done with the tour she let us take the rest of our time and just wander around feeding horses carrots over and over again like people have been doing for over an hour. For about another half an hour I stayed close with my mom and aunts until I saw that beautiful horse again. The mystery horse. There she was letting the wind take her hair. How beautiful she was? I can’t even describe. Too beautiful to recreate the image. I got this warm feeling in my chest. It was like no other experience I have had before. The connection we had was unbelievable. She looked at me and I stared at her in amazement. As I started to walk towards her, 2 other big bold horses come cantering around the fence and to scare her into their shelter. The lady said that the black one was named Bear and the red one was Rex but the mystery horse wasn’t around when we were petting Bear and Rex so I never got her name. I had already figured out that she was just kind of the animal at the bottom of the chain. “They probably never let anyone touch her.” I thought. I tried so hard to get to the mystery horse and it never worked. Those two boys just wouldn’t let me through. The lady who took me on a tour came up and saw me looking at the mystery horse and said, “Oh yes. That is Miss U she is almost 30 and is a permanent residence here at AGES. Those two boys kick her around like she is a toy. Good luck trying to get to her. It’s impossible.” But that couldn’t be true.
As I walked towards the back of the paddock where the boys’ and the mystery horse’s opens up to I saw corn, corn, and more corn. But then I saw a glimpse of the mystery horse. But once again, a different horse was in my face. Bear. It was coming down to the last 15 minutes of the visit and my mom was trying to find me. “Its a small place.” I thought. “She will find me eventually.” As I looked over Bear’s thick, black face I saw Rex and behind Rex… Miss U. I leaned into Bear’s face and said, “Please let me see her. Please let me introduce myself. Please.” As I opened my eyes, Bear was turned around and Rex followed. They went back to the front where all of the other people were. We were alone. Me and Miss U. Just us. I reached in my gray sweatshirt pocket and found the carrot I had been saving. I flattened my hand and put it inside the paddock. “Come on Miss U. There gone. Its just us.” I whispered. She took slow and small steps towards me. After what seemed like forever she finally reached me. She then slowly took the carrot and came even closer. I leaned my head against hers and kissed the horse that I had been waiting to meet. And although she is a permanent residence here, she will be mine. That special horse in my heart. She was no longer a mystery horse. She was mine. The one and only Miss U.

1 year later on November 12th, 2013 Miss U died. It was one of the most difficult things I had to go through. However it was not heartbreaking. Miss U is not gone. She still is there. Right in my heart. I will always have her. Right inside me. Thats where I find her. But of course I can always find her in my room too. The day she died my aunt who now volunteers at AGES (along with myself),  got me a bracelet. Not just any bracelet but one that was made out of her mane. It was the best present I ever received. I never have worn it. It stays by the picture that was taken on that first day I saw her. When I felt the beauty that she had for the first time. No horse could ever fully replace the connection that I felt with her but another horse could be just as special as her because 4 months later, Etsy entered my life. But that’s another story.

A very sweet and generous donation in memory of Patches:

Hi there- I just sent through a donation for $250.  I wanted to note for you that this donation is in the name of Patches, a pony I read about recently who needed to be euthanized due to his abduction and brutal abuse.  The story completely destroyed me, and I got to thinking about how I could do something in his name.  I found your website, and was also directed to you by the woman who owns the barn that I ride at (Christine Lagan of Rein Dance Farm in Cedarburg).  I hope your beautiful horses and ponies enjoy the donation in Patches’ name.  Thank you very much for all you do!

With love,