Erin’s Acre

Although we’ve never met Miss Erin Brown – a tie that binds has been borne from the memory of your blond intense beauty direct to a small, discreet, and previously unknown horse rescue in Southeast Wisconsin. Your mom and I met when you told her it was time to shed the almost four years of unused riding equipment she still clung to including lovely blankets and grooming items marked ‘Brown’ -used by you and your beloved Max and Sudz. Through your urging, and her generosity, grew a new friendship born of shared love and grief. I had no idea then, how pivotal your way too short life and passing would not only connect us, but bind our energies to pursue your passion and will to improve the lives of needy or homeless horses.

I am privileged Erin, to have your light and life shown and shared with me so that I too could now fully comprehend the chasm left in your passing from this world. Through an anonymous gift made in your honor, our small horse rescue facility was able to add a new shelter, paddock and pasture to house 3 more horses in need.

We are proud and humbled to name our expanded facility “Erin’s Acre”.

I know for certain I will never forget your heart and passion so very evidently shown in the love on the faces of the animals in your care.

Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary thrives today partly because of your life Erin – your dedication to respect, care and love to all animals. We honor you now and always.